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Philippe Barbier died in 1922.

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Q: When did Philippe Barbier die?
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When was Philippe Barbier born?

Philippe Barbier was born in 1848.

What has the author Philippe Barbier written?

Philippe Barbier has written: 'Alfred Hitchcock' -- subject(s): Portraits, Criticism and interpretation 'Catherine Deneuve' -- subject(s): Portraits, Motion picture actors and actresses 'Paul Newman'

When did Louis Barbier die?

Louis Barbier died in 1670.

When did Daniel Barbier die?

Daniel Barbier died in 1965.

When did Christian Barbier die?

Christian Barbier died in 2009.

When did Nicolas Alexandre Barbier die?

Nicolas Alexandre Barbier died in 1864.

When did Adèle Euphrasie Barbier die?

Adèle Euphrasie Barbier died in 1893.

When did Joseph-Émile Barbier die?

Joseph-Émile Barbier died in 1889.

When did Antoine Alexandre Barbier die?

Antoine Alexandre Barbier died in 1825.

When did Jean-Joël Barbier die?

Jean-Joël Barbier died in 1994.

When did René Barbier die?

René Barbier died on 1966-03-09.

When did Henri Auguste Barbier die?

Henri Auguste Barbier died in 1882.