When did Percy W. Nelles die?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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Percy W. Nelles died on 1951-06-13.

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Q: When did Percy W. Nelles die?
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When was Percy W. Nelles born?

Percy W. Nelles was born on 1892-01-07.

When did Robert Nelles die?

Robert Nelles died in 1842.

When did Walter Nelles die?

Walter Nelles died in 1937.

When did Percy W. Griffiths die?

Percy W. Griffiths died on 1983-06-12.

When did Samuel Sobieski Nelles die?

Samuel Sobieski Nelles died on 1887-10-17.

When was Robert Nelles born?

Robert Nelles was born in 1761.

When was Walter Nelles born?

Walter Nelles was born in 1883.

How tall is Julia Nelles?

Julia Nelles is 157 cm.

When was Julia Nelles born?

Julia Nelles was born on July 6, 1997.

What has the author Percy W Mathews written?

Percy W. Mathews has written: 'Testimonials'

When was Percy W. Bridgman House created?

Percy W. Bridgman House was created in 1928.

When was Percy W. Griffiths born?

Percy W. Griffiths was born on 1893-03-30.