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Percy Edward Pinkerton died in 1946.

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Q: When did Percy Edward Pinkerton die?
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When was James Pinkerton born?

Percy Edward Pinkerton was born in 1855.

When did Percy Edward Kent die?

Percy Edward Kent died in 1986.

When did Edward Percy Moran die?

Edward Percy Moran died in 1935.

When did Percy Charles Edward d'Erf Wheeler die?

Percy Charles Edward d'Erf Wheeler died in 1944.

When did Edward Percy die?

Percy Edwards died on June 7, 1996, in Hintlesham, Suffolk, England, UK.

What is the birth name of Edward Percy?

Edward Percy's birth name is Percy-Smith, Edward.

When did John Pinkerton die?

John Pinkerton died in 1826.

When did David Pinkerton die?

David Pinkerton died in 1906.

When did Henry Pinkerton die?

Henry Pinkerton died in 1986.

When did Godfrey Pinkerton die?

Godfrey Pinkerton died in 1937.

When did Maurice Hallam die?

Edward Percy Hallam died in 1957.

When did John Pinkerton - politician - die?

John Pinkerton - politician - died in 1908.