When did Paul Federn die?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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Paul Federn died in 1950.

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Q: When did Paul Federn die?
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When was Paul Federn born?

Paul Federn was born in 1871.

What has the author Paul Reding written?

Paul Reding has written: 'Unterwegs an diesem Tag' 'Federn fallen leise'

How do you say feather in German?

singular: die Feder plural: die Federn

When was Star mit fremden Federn created?

Star mit fremden Federn was created in 1955.

What has the author Karl Federn written?

Karl Federn has written: 'The origin of the war' -- subject- s -: World War, 1914-1918, Causes

Did Paul Federn influence the work of Eric Berne?

I think if you read Ian's Stewart's 1992 biography of Eric Berne, you will see that Paul Federn did indeed significantly influence Eric Berne, particularly relative to the concept of 'ego states' which, to my knowledge, was created by Federn and greatly extrapolated on, in Eric Berne's work on this same subject matter -- i.e., 'adult vs. parent vs. child ego states'. I am just in the process of constructing a paper outlining the history and evolution of Classical Psychoanalysis to Object Relations to Transactional Analysis. It is not finished yet but can be found by googling: Hegel's Hotel, Most Recent Essays. -- David Gordon Bain.

What actors and actresses appeared in Hoffnung ist ein Ding mit Federn - 1961?

The cast of Hoffnung ist ein Ding mit Federn - 1961 includes: Karl John Gustav Rothe

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when did paul g. Allen die? August 18, 1826

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