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Patricia M. Byrne died in 2007.

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Q: When did Patricia M. Byrne die?
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When was Patricia M. Byrne born?

Patricia M. Byrne was born in 1925.

When did Frank M. Byrne die?

Frank M. Byrne died in 1927.

What is the birth name of Patsy Byrne?

Patsy Byrne's birth name is Patricia Byrne.

When was Patrick M. Byrne born?

Patrick M. Byrne was born in 1962.

When was Frank M. Byrne born?

Frank M. Byrne was born in 1858.

When was Ruth M. J. Byrne born?

Ruth M. J. Byrne was born on 1962-03-01.

When did Edwin Byrne die?

Edwin Byrne died in 1963.

When did Oliver Byrne die?

Oliver Byrne died in 2007.

When did Ossie Byrne die?

Ossie Byrne died in 1983.

When did Toddie Byrne die?

Toddie Byrne died in 2006.

When did Donald Byrne die?

Donald Byrne died in 1976.

When did Garrett Byrne die?

Garrett Byrne died in 1897.