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Pankratius von Dinkel died in 1894.

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Q: When did Pankratius von Dinkel die?
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When was Pankratius von Dinkel born?

Pankratius von Dinkel was born in 1811.

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When was William Francis Melchert-Dinkel born?

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Tom Dinkel played linebacker and special teams for the Bengals from 1978-1983 and 1985.

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John J. Dinkel has written: 'Management science' -- subject(s): Management, Mathematical models, Operations research, Statistical decision

What has the author Hans Reinhard Jung written?

Hans Reinhard Jung has written: 'Baulast und Patronat an der katholischen Pfarrkirche St. Pankratius in Odenthal' -- subject(s): Church buildings, Church tax, History, Law and legislation, Pfarrkirche St. Pankratius in Odenthal (Germany)

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