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Palmer Hayden married Miriam Huffman in 1940 (age 50).

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Q: When did Palmer Hayden get married?
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Did Palmer Hayden get married?

Palmer Hayden married Miriam Huffman in 1940 (age 50).

Where was Palmer Hayden born at?

Palmer Hayden was born January 15th 1890 in Widewater, VA

How did palmer Hayden art impact the Harlem renaissance?

Palmer Hayden was a famous painter that hit the 20 century. Art always inspires people so Palmer Hayden inspired the people to reach for happiness

What was the childhood of palmer Hayden?


Where did Palmer Hayden die?

it his time to go.

What was palmer Hayden wife's name?


What family life did Palmer Hayden have?


Did Palmer Hayden learn from another famous artist?


Who was Palmer Hayden's role models?

Rosa parks

What was palmer Hayden family like?

a good family

Who are Palmer Hayden's parents?

John and Nancy Hedgeman

When was Palmer Hayden born?

he was born 15 January in 1890