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Padre Fabio de Melo is a writer, artist, lecturer and Catholic priest that was born in 1971. He was ordained as a priest on December 15, 2001 in Sao Paulo, Brazil.

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Q: When did Padre Fabio de Melo become an ordained Priest?
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Did Padre Pio become a priest?

Padre Pio was ordained a Franiscan priest at age 22 on 10 August 10, 1910. And Padre means father

Why did Padre Pio become a priest?

From his earliest years he had a desire to become a priest. He was always drawn to the priesthood.

Was Padre Pio a lay saint?

No, Padre Pio was a priest.

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What is a padre?

In English usage, a padre is a military clergyman or a Roman Catholic or Anglican priest.

What is padre?

In English usage, a padre is a military clergyman or a Roman Catholic or Anglican priest.

Did Padre Pio have a daughter?

Padre Pio was a priest and was never married nor did he father any children.

Who was the first priest to have stigmata?

Padre Pio of Pietrelcina was the first priest to receive the stigmata.

Who was the first stigmatic priest?

Saint Padre Pio was the first and, to date, only priest to receive the stigmata.

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