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Paco Jamandreu died in 1995.

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Q: When did Paco Jamandreu die?
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When was Paco Jamandreu born?

Paco Jamandreu was born in 1925.

When did Paco Menéndez die?

Paco Menéndez died in 1999.

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Paco Pérez died in 1951.

When did Paco Vidarte die?

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When did Paco Betancourt die?

Paco Betancourt died in 1971.

When did Paco Bienzobas die?

Paco Bienzobas died on 1981-04-30.

When did Paco Lagerstrom die?

Paco Lagerstrom died on 1989-02-16.

When did Paco de Lucena die?

Paco de Lucena died in 1898.

When did Paco Cambres die?

Paco Cambres died on November 26, 2013, in Madrid, Madrid, Spain.

When did Paco Miller die?

Paco Miller died on December 9, 1997, in Mexico City, Mexico.

When did Paco Madrid die?

Paco Madrid died on October 29, 1957, in Mlaga, Mlaga, Andaluca, Spain.

When did Paco Valladares die?

Paco Valladares died on March 17, 2012, in Madrid, Madrid, Spain of leukemia.