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Pablo de Rokha died in 1968.

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Q: When did Pablo de Rokha die?
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What has the author Pablo de Rokha written?

Pablo de Rokha has written: 'Pablo de Rokha contra Neruda'

When was Pablo de Rokha born?

Pablo de Rokha was born in 1894.

When did Winétt de Rokha die?

Winétt de Rokha died in 1951.

When was Winétt de Rokha born?

Winétt de Rokha was born in 1892.

When did Pablo de Coronel die?

Pablo de Coronel died in 1534.

When did Pablo de Céspedes die?

Pablo de Céspedes died in 1608.

When did Pablo de Jérica die?

Pablo de Jérica died in 1841.

When did Pablo de Azcárate die?

Pablo de Azcárate died in 1971.

When did Pablo de Olavide die?

Pablo de Olavide died in 1803.

When did Pablo de Madalengoitia die?

Pablo de Madalengoitia died in 1999.

When did Pablo de La Llave die?

Pablo de La Llave died in 1833.

When did Pablo de la Guerra die?

Pablo de la Guerra died in 1874.