When did Olivier Raoux die?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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Olivier Raoux died on March 22, 2011, in Ile de Molne, Finistre, France of heart attack.

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Q: When did Olivier Raoux die?
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When was Olivier Raoux born?

Olivier Raoux was born on April 10, 1961, in Grandru, Oise, France.

When did Jean Raoux die?

Jean Raoux died in 1734.

When did Jean Raoux - soldier - die?

Jean Raoux - soldier - died on 2004-01-11.

When was Jean Raoux born?

Jean Raoux was born in 1677.

When was Guillaume Raoux born?

Guillaume Raoux was born in 1970.

When was Jean Raoux - soldier - born?

Jean Raoux - soldier - was born in 1916.

When did Juste Olivier die?

Juste Olivier died in 1876.

When did Olivier Dollfus die?

Olivier Dollfus died in 2005.

When did Olivier Basselin die?

Olivier Basselin died in 1450.

When did Olivier Lecerf die?

Olivier Lecerf died in 2006.

When did Olivier Alain die?

Olivier Alain died in 1994.

When did Olivier Perrault die?

Olivier Perrault died in 1827.