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Oliver St. John Gogarty died on 1957-09-22.

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Q: When did Oliver St. John Gogarty die?
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When was Oliver St. John Gogarty born?

Oliver St. John Gogarty was born on 1878-08-17.

When was Dermot St. John Gogarty born?

Dermot St. John Gogarty was born on 1908-09-05.

When did Oliver St John die?

Oliver St John died in 1673.

What has the author Ulick O'Connor written?

Ulick O'Connor has written: 'Oliver St. John Gogarty' 'Brendan' -- subject(s): Behan, Brendan F., 1923-1964

When did Oliver St John - civil servant - die?

Oliver St John - civil servant - died in 1891.

Where would I find oliver st john gogarty's epitaph?

The epitaph on Gogarty's tombstone in Connemara is a stanza from his poem "Non Dolet": Our friends go with us as we go Down the long path where beauty wends Where all we love forgathers, so Why should we fear to join our friends?

When was Oliver St John born?

Oliver St John was born in 1598.

When was Oliver St John - civil servant - born?

Oliver St John - civil servant - was born in 1837.

When did Oliver St George die?

Oliver St George died in 1731.

What has the author Oliver St John Gogarty written?

Oliver St. John Gogarty has written: 'Going native' 'As I was going down Sackville Street' -- subject(s): Biography, Homes and haunts, Intellectual life, Irish authors, Social life and customs 'Collected poems of Oliver St. John Gogarty' 'Start from somewhere else' -- subject(s): Authors, Irish, Biography, Irish authors, Irish wit and humor, Wit and humor, Irish Authors 'I follow Saint Patrick' -- subject(s): Description and travel, Christian saints, Homes and haunts, Bography, Biography 'James Augustine Joyce' 'Rolling down the lea' -- subject(s): Social life and customs, Description and travel 'Collected poems' -- subject(s): English poetry 'Others to adorn' 'Intimations' -- subject(s): Biography, Irish Poets 'It isn't this time of year al all!' 'Mr. Petunia' 'It isn't this time of year at all!' -- subject(s): Social life and customs

What is the best traditional music pub in Dublin Ireland?

There are many good pubs in Dublin for Irish music. It depends on what you like and when you go in. You may be lucky and find a really good bit of music going on. Some of the most famous are O'Donoghues on Merrion Row, The Merchant, Oliver St. John Gogarty's, The Cobblestone and many, many others.

When did Oliver Sain die?

Oliver Sain died on October 28, 2003, in St. Louis, Missouri, USA.