When did Ng Eng Teng die?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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Ng Eng Teng died in 2001.

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Q: When did Ng Eng Teng die?
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When was Ng Eng Teng born?

Ng Eng Teng was born on 1934-07-12.

When did Ng Teng Fong die?

Ng Teng Fong died in 2010.

When was Ng Teng Fong born?

Ng Teng Fong was born in 1928.

When did Teng Daiyuan die?

Teng Daiyuan died in 1974.

When did Ma Teng die?

Ma Teng died in 211.

When did Teng Yin die?

Teng Yin died in 256.

When did Teng Xiu die?

Teng Xiu died in 288.

When did Lim Lean Teng die?

Lim Lean Teng died in 1963.

When did H. T. Teng die?

H. T. Teng died in 1978.

What is the birth name of Elsi Eng?

Elsi Eng's birth name is Elsie Ng.

When did Jack C. K. Teng die?

Jack C. K. Teng died in 1999.

When did Ong Teng Cheong die?

Ong Teng Cheong died on February 8, 2002 at the age of 66.