When did Nelson Munsey die?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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Nelson Munsey died on 2009-07-08.

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Q: When did Nelson Munsey die?
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When was Nelson Munsey born?

Nelson Munsey was born on 1948-07-02.

When did Frank Munsey die?

Frank Munsey died in 1925.

When did Shirley Munsey die?

Shirley Munsey died on December 31, 2008.

What has the author F A Munsey written?

F. A. Munsey has written: 'The founding of the Munsey publishing house' 'The making and marketing of Munsey's Magazine' -- subject(s): Munsey's Magazine

When was Stan Munsey born?

Stan Munsey was born in 1955.

When did Munsey's Magazine end?

Munsey's Magazine ended in 1929.

How tall is Scott Munsey?

Scott Munsey is 6' 1".

When was Frank Munsey born?

Frank Munsey was born in 1854.

When was Munsey's Magazine created?

Munsey's Magazine was created in 1889.

When was Steve Munsey born?

Steve Munsey was born on 1953-06-28.

When was Bret Munsey born?

Bret Munsey was born on 1968-08-19.

What is the birth name of Shirley Munsey?

Shirley Munsey's birth name is Shirley Edna Adams.