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National Educational Television ended in 1970.

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Q: When did National Educational Television end?
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When was National Educational Television created?

National Educational Television was created in 1952-11.

When did National Mobile Television end?

National Mobile Television ended in 2009.

When did National Empowerment Television end?

National Empowerment Television ended in 2000.

When did Afghanistan National Television end?

Afghanistan National Television ended in 2010.

When did National Enquirer TV end?

National Enquirer TV ended on 2001-07-06.

When did National Velvet - TV series - end?

National Velvet - TV series - ended on 1962-09-17.

Does television have little real educational value?

It has been said that television has little real education value. I think this is true because for the most part, television has no educational value. Even so-called educational shows and videos such as Baby Einstein, have been proven to have little or even a negative effect on small children. Some television has little real educational value. Television used for purely entertainment has no value.It depends on what you are watching. Some educational channels like the History Channel, and the Discovery Channel are very educational.

Why shouldn't students watch tv?

Students should watch educational TV, such as PBS, National Geographic, Discovery, Science, and History channel. They might learn a great deal from watching educational programs. They should not watch junk programs, and nobody else should as well.

When was NHK Educational TV created?

NHK Educational TV was created in 1959.

What is the motto of Israeli Educational Television?

The motto of Israeli Educational Television is 'Small and Smart Television'.

Should educational television be able to teach young children?

Isn't that what EDUCATIONAL television is?? hi

When was Kentucky Educational Television created?

Kentucky Educational Television was created on 1958-09-08.