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When he was 11 years old.

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Q: When did Mindless Behavior Ray Ray audition?
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Where did ray ray audition to join mindless behavior?

in la is that right

How did ray ray become on mindless behavior?

Ray ray was dancing with tommy the clown............................then later at 11:00 midnight he audition and he made it in to mindless behavior

Are they going to have a audition for Mindless Behavior?

No they r not cuz rayray already had an audition to be in the band MINDLESS BEHAVIOR.

How can i get famous like Mindless Behavior?

Hey this is ray ray from mindless behavior and to get famous like we did is not to give up and if somebody says they need auditions for singers go audition. keep trying never give up and stay mindless :D

What is ray ray email from Mindless Behavior?

ray ray@mindless behavior

Where was ray ray before mindless behavior?

He was in mindless behavior

How was Mindless Behavior made?

Roc and Princeton audition for the group and they made it. They found Prodigy on YouTube,and Ray Ray made the group at midnight!

Is zonnique dating?

Ray Ray from Mindless Behavior

What is ray ray from Mindless Behavior zodiac?

Ray Ray from Mindless Behavior is a Capricorn.

How can you audition and where can you audition for mindless behavior backup dancers?

go to

How did Mindless Behavior get a record?

princeton and roc were already in the group..ray ray had an audition over night and the manager discovered prodigy over the inernet

What is ray ray from mindless behavior eyes color?

Ray ray's eyes from mindless behavior are the color brown.