When did Middlesex end?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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Middlesex ended in 1965.

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Q: When did Middlesex end?
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When did Middlesex Regiment end?

Middlesex Regiment ended in 1966.

When did Middlesex Hospital end?

Middlesex Hospital ended in 2005.

When did Middlesex University - Massachusetts - end?

Middlesex University - Massachusetts - ended in 1947.

When did Middlesex Central Railroad end?

Middlesex Central Railroad ended in 1883.

When did Middlesex Valley Railroad end?

Middlesex Valley Railroad ended in 1903.

When did Middlesex - UK Parliament constituency - end?

Middlesex - UK Parliament constituency - ended in 1885.

Is middlesex in wembley?

Question should be " Is Wembley in Middlesex? Because Middlesex is a county and Wembley is a town which is in Middlesex county.

Where is the Middlesex Public Library in Middlesex located?

The address of the Middlesex Public Library is: 1300 Mountain Avenue, Middlesex, 08846 M

Where is the Middlesex Historical Society in Middlesex Vermont located?

The address of the Middlesex Historical Society is: 5 Church Street, Middlesex, VT 05602-8790

Where is the Middlesex Heritage Group in Middlesex New York located?

The address of the Middlesex Heritage Group is: 1216 Route 245, Main Street, Middlesex, NY 14507

When was Middlesex Regiment created?

Middlesex Regiment was created in 1881.

What is the population of Middlesex Centre?

Middlesex Centre's population is 16,487.