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Mary Imlay Taylor died in 1938.

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Q: When did Mary Imlay Taylor die?
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When was Mary Imlay Taylor born?

Mary Imlay Taylor was born in 1878.

When did Gilbert Imlay die?

Gilbert Imlay died in 1828.

When did Doc Imlay die?

Doc Imlay died on 1948-10-07.

When did Tut Imlay die?

Tut Imlay died on 1976-03-20.

When did James Henderson Imlay die?

James Henderson Imlay died in 1823.

When did Mary Linley Taylor die?

Mary Linley Taylor died in 1982.

How many daughters did Mary Wollstonecraft have?

Mary Wollstonecraft had two daughters named Fanny Imlay and Mary Shelley.

When did Imlay Watts die?

Imlay Watts was born on August 22, 1905, in England, UK.

When did Florence Mary Taylor die?

Florence Mary Taylor died on 1969-02-13.

When and where did baseball player Doc Imlay die?

Doc Imlay died October 7, 1948, in Bordentown, NJ, USA.

What has the author Hugh Anthony Imlay written?

Hugh Anthony Imlay has written: 'The Imlay family'

What is the birth name of Imlay Watts?

Imlay Watts's birth name is Imlay Newbiggin Watts.