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her death is unknown she was born in 1839

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Mary Elizabeth Wilson died in 1963.

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Q: When did Mary Elizabeth Bowser die?
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Did Mary Elizabeth Bowser have kids?

Mary Elizabeth Bowser did not have kids

Where was Mary Elizabeth Bowser born?

Richmond, Virginia

What are facts about Mary Elizabeth Bowser?

she died 1900s she was in the north

What is Mary Elizabeth Bowser known for?

•Mary Elizabeth Bowser was known for spying and sending information to the Union military leaders. So, she went to the Confederate White House and got thatinformation.

What did Harriet Tubman and Mary Elizabeth Bowser have in common?

Harriet Tubman and Belle Boyd were both spies.

When did Mary Elizabeth Coleridge die?

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When did Elizabeth Mary Palmer die?

Elizabeth Mary Palmer died in 1897.

When did Mary Elizabeth Maugham die?

Mary Elizabeth Maugham died in 1998.

When did Mary Elizabeth Gibbs die?

Mary Elizabeth Gibbs died in 1920.

When did Elizabeth Mary Rolleston die?

Elizabeth Mary Rolleston died in 1940.

When did Mary Elizabeth Kail die?

Mary Elizabeth Kail died in 1890.

When did Mary Elizabeth Turner die?

Mary Elizabeth Turner died in 1907.