When did Mark LeBuse die?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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Mark LeBuse died on March 5, 1999, in Hawaii, USA.

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Q: When did Mark LeBuse die?
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When was Mark LeBuse born?

Mark LeBuse was born on September 7, 1917, in USA.

What movie and television projects has Mark LeBuse been in?

Mark LeBuse has: Played Heckler in "Diamond Head" in 1963. Played Phil in "Ride the Wild Surf" in 1964. Played Arcturus construction foreman in "Hawaii Five-O" in 1968. Played Al in "Hawaii Five-O" in 1968. Played Radar in "Hawaii Five-O" in 1968. Played Kilauea Captain in "The Hawaiians" in 1970. Played Sam Melson in "Cover Girl Models" in 1975. Performed in "Da du xiao" in 1975. Played Herman Kitolis in "Project: Kill" in 1976.

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