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Maria Gertrudis Barceló died in 1852.

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Q: When did Maria Gertrudis Barceló die?
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When was Maria Gertrudis Barceló born?

Maria Gertrudis Barceló was born in 1800.

When did Alberto Barcel die?

Alberto Barcel died in 1975, in Argentina.

When did Gertrudis Echenique die?

Gertrudis Echenique died in 1928.

When did Gertrudis Bocanegra die?

Gertrudis Bocanegra died in 1817.

When did María Gertrudis Hore die?

María Gertrudis Hore died in 1801.

Who did Juan seguin married?

Maria Gertrudis Flores De Abrego

When did Gertrudis Gómez de Avellaneda die?

Gertrudis Gómez de Avellaneda died on 1873-02-01.

When was Barcel created?

Barcel was created in 1950.

Did Juan seguins have kids?

He married Maria Gertrudis Eusevia Flores and the couple had ten children.

When was Alberto Barcel born?

Alberto Barcel was born in 1907, in Argentina.

When was Gertrudis Echenique born?

Gertrudis Echenique was born in 1849.

When was Gertrudis Bocanegra born?

Gertrudis Bocanegra was born in 1765.