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Margaret Ballinger died in 1980.

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Q: When did Margaret Ballinger die?
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When was Margaret Ballinger born?

Margaret Ballinger was born in 1894.

What has the author Margaret Ballinger written?

Margaret Ballinger has written: 'I'm the captain (Early success)' 'Bechuanaland Protectorate' -- subject(s): British

When did Ian Ballinger die?

Ian Ballinger died in 2008.

When did Martin Ballinger die?

Martin Ballinger died in 2007.

When did Bill S. Ballinger die?

Bill S. Ballinger died in 1980.

When did William Pitt Ballinger die?

William Pitt Ballinger died on 1888-01-20.

When did Richard Achilles Ballinger die?

Richard Achilles Ballinger died on 1922-06-06.

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Matt Ballinger's birth name is Ballinger, Matthew Samuel.

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Beau Ballinger is 6'.

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