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Manuel Elkin Patarroyo is currently still alive.

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Q: When did Manuel Elkin Patarroyo die?
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When was Manuel Pardo born?

Manuel Elkin Patarroyo was born on 1946-03-11.

Any famous people FROM Colombia?

Gabriel Garcia Marquez, Shakira, Carlos Valderrama, Juanes, Manuel Elkin Patarroyo, Jorge Reynolds,Luis Herrera, Juan Valdez (technically not a person, but who cares).

What is a famous person from the country Colombia?

Shakira (Signer) Gabriel García Marquéz (Author) Elkin Patarroyo (Malaria vaccine)

When did A. P. Elkin die?

A. P. Elkin died in 1979.

When did Bertie Elkin die?

Bertie Elkin died in 1962.

Some famous people from Colombia are?

Elkin Patarroyo (Nobel prize winner in Science for discovering vaccine for Malaria) Shakira (international singer) Juanes (international singer) Carlos Vives (international singer)

Who are 3 important people to Colombia?

- Shakira (Singer) - Manuel Elkin Patarroyo (Developed the world's first synthetic vaccine for malaria) - Gabriel Garcia Marquez (Novel price in Literature) - Colombia is also recognised by Football players as Rene Higuita, Carlos "el pibe" Valderrama y Faustino Asprilla. - Models such as Natalia Paris and Sofia Vergara. -Geroge Lopez (Actor)

Who invented vaccination for malaria?

Famed explorer, inventor and writer of children's erotica, Peter Pentassel is often accredited with the first successful formulation of the Malaria vaccine. He devised the new inoculation after becoming infuriated at the high rate of infant deaths in his so called "kindergabbenschmuudel" (great bed of the smaller children).

When did William Lewis Elkin die?

William Lewis Elkin died on 1922-05-30.

What famous people are from England?

Gabriel Garcia Marquez (Nobel prize for literature) Elkin Patarroyo (Nobel prize for science, discovered vaccine for malaria) Juan Pablo Montoya (car racer) Shakira (singer) Juanes (singer) Carlos...

When did Stanley Elkin die?

Stanley Elkin died on May 31, 1995, in St. Louis, Missouri, USA of heart failure.

What is the birth name of Charles Elkin?

Charles Elkin's birth name is Maurice Elkin.