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Manly Palmer Hall died on 1990-08-29.

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Q: When did Manly Palmer Hall die?
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When was Manly Palmer Hall born?

Manly Palmer Hall was born on 1901-03-18.

What is the birth name of Manly Hall?

Manly Hall's birth name is Manly Palmer Hall.

When did Manly Hall die?

Manly Hall died on August 29, 1990, in Los Angeles, California, USA.

Was manly p hall a freemason?

Manly Palmer Hall was initiated into Jewel Lodge #374 in the Grand Lodge of California on June 28th, 1954, over thirty years after publishing his book The Lost Keys of Freemasonry.

When was Manly Hall born?

Manly Hall was born on March 18, 1901, in Peterborough, Ontario, Canada.

When was H. Palmer Hall born?

H. Palmer Hall was born on 1942-10-01.

When did Manly Fleischmann die?

Manly Fleischmann died in 1987.

When did Alexander Manly die?

Alexander Manly died in 1944.

When did Charles Manly die?

Charles Manly died on 1871-05-01.

When did Charles Manly Stedman die?

Charles Manly Stedman died in 1930.

When did Charles M. Manly die?

Charles M. Manly died in 1927.

What has the author Sara C Palmer written?

Sara C. Palmer has written: 'Dad Hall'