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Lyman Reed Blake died on 1883-10-03.

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Q: When did Lyman Reed Blake die?
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When was Lyman Reed Blake born?

Lyman Reed Blake was born on 1835-08-24.

Who was lyman reed Blake?

a man who sold needles

Who invented the machine for sewing shoe soles onto uppers?

Lyman Reed Blake (1858)

When did John Blake-Reed die?

John Blake-Reed died in 1966.

Where was Lyman R. Blake from?

Lyman R. Blake was from Abington, Massachusetts

When was John Blake-Reed born?

John Blake-Reed was born in 1882.

What has the author Lyman E Reed written?

Lyman E. Reed has written: 'Preparing missionaries for intercultural communication' -- subject(s): Intercultural communication, Missionaries, Training of

When did Gordon Mckay and lyman Blake invent the sweing machine?


What did Gordon McKay and Lyman Blake invent?

I.D.K maybe yhu..I guess he touched up on Lyman's sewing machine..!lolx.. Dhats what I thought.

When did Lyman A. Mills die?

Lyman A. Mills died in 1929.

When did Job Lyman die?

Job Lyman died in 1870.

When did Lyman Heath die?

Lyman Heath died in 1870.