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Luke Fildes - fencer - died on 1970-04-22.

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Q: When did Luke Fildes - fencer - die?
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When was Luke Fildes - fencer - born?

Luke Fildes - fencer - was born on 1879-06-13.

When did Luke Fildes die?

Luke Fildes died on 1927-02-28.

When was Luke Fildes born?

Luke Fildes was born on 1843-10-03.

What has the author Luke Val Fildes written?

Luke Val Fildes has written: '[Paintings]'

What has the author L V Fildes written?

L. V. Fildes has written: 'Luke Fildes, R.A.: a Victorian painter'

What year did Fildes paint The Doctor?

Sir Luke Fildes painted 'The Doctor' in 1887.

When did John Fildes die?

John Fildes died in 1865.

When did Henry Fildes die?

Henry Fildes died in 1948.

When did Paul Fildes die?

Paul Fildes died in 1971.

When did Audrey Fildes die?

Audrey Fildes died in 1997, in Canada.

How much is a steel lithograph print of luke fildes a village wedding worth DATED 1902?

How much is an original steel lithograph print of luke fildes. A village wedding dated 1902?

When did Horace Edward Manners Fildes die?

Horace Edward Manners Fildes died in 1937.