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Louise Adeline Weitzel died in 1934.

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Q: When did Louise Adeline Weitzel die?
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When was Louise Adeline Weitzel born?

Louise Adeline Weitzel was born in 1862.

When did Hedwig Weitzel die?

Hedwig Weitzel died in 1971.

When did Fritz Weitzel die?

Fritz Weitzel died in 1940.

When did Godfrey Weitzel die?

Godfrey Weitzel died on 1884-03-19.

When did August Willem Philip Weitzel die?

August Willem Philip Weitzel died in 1896.

When did Guus Weitzel die?

Guus Weitzel died on November 23, 1989, in Hilversum, Noord-Holland, Netherlands.

When did Adeline Genée die?

Adeline Genée died in 1970.

What is the birth name of Willi Weitzel?

Willi Weitzel's birth name is Helmar Rudolf Willi Weitzel.

What is the birth name of Guus Weitzel?

Guus Weitzel's birth name is August Wilhelm Philip Weitzel.

When did Adeline Lobdell Atwater die?

Adeline Lobdell Atwater died in 1975.

When did Adeline Pond Adams die?

Adeline Pond Adams died in 1948.

When did Adeline Kerrar die?

Adeline Kerrar died on 1995-07-04.