When did Lord Layton die?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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Lord Layton died on January 18, 1984, in Canada of heart attack.

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Q: When did Lord Layton die?
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What nicknames did Lord Layton go by?

Lord Layton went by Lord Athol Layton, and Athol Layton.

How tall is Lord Layton?

Lord Layton is 6' 5".

What is the birth name of Lord Layton?

Lord Layton's birth name is Athol Alfred Layton.

When was Lord Layton born?

Lord Layton was born in 1921, in Surrey, England, UK.

When did Richard Layton die?

Richard Layton died in 1544.

When did Henry Layton die?

Henry Layton died in 1705.

Does anyone die in Professor Layton?

No one dies in Professor Layton.

When did Bill Layton die?

Bill Layton died in 1984-02.

When did Gilbert Layton die?

Gilbert Layton died on 1961-05-29.

When did Christopher Layton die?

Christopher Layton died on 1898-08-07.

When did Geoffrey Layton die?

Geoffrey Layton died on 1964-09-04.

Where did Irving Layton die?

in Montreal