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Leland Chapman met Maui in July of 1994 at a Fourth of July celebration of a mutual friend. They got married a short time later and had two children. They were divorced in April of 2005.

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Q: When did Leland Chapman and Maui meet?
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How long was Leland Chapman and Maui Chapman married?


How long were Leland Chapman and Maui Chapman married?

10 years

Who has custody of leland Chapman's kids?

I believe that Leland and his ex-wife Maui share custody of their kids

How can you meet Leland Chapman?

You can't

Picture of maui Chapman?

go to my website it is on there

Who did Leland Chapman go out with?

Nobody really knows if he does or not ( except him ) . Leland made a comment on a recent episode , but that show was filmed a year ago , so who knows if his situation is even still the same . Yes her name is Lynette. They just had a baby girl a few weeks ago. Check twitter accounts if you want to hear it from them. DL is single though!

Who was Leland Chapman on Dog The Bounty Hunter married to?

NO, they got a divorce, currently I think he is single and focusing on Bounty Hunting but he does have 2 kids with Maui, Dakota(12) and Cobie(7) == == == == MAUI CHAPMAN

What is the birth name of Leland Chapman?

Leland Chapman's birth name is Leland Blaine Chapman.

Does Leland Chapman love Maui?

He probably did at one point in time but now I don't believe he does. I think he is in love with his new Girlfriend.

Why did leland Chapman divorce maui Chapman?

nobody knows the answer. and you wont get one, these questions are pointless. all anyone seem to do is speculate. because of his family's bounty hunting she did not want to have to deal with it.

Why did Leland divorce Maui?

because maui was cheating on him.

What is Leland Chapman's birthday?

Leland Chapman was born on December 14, 1976.