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Kurt Herbert Adler died in 1988.

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Q: When did Kurt Herbert Adler die?
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When was Kurt Herbert Adler born?

Kurt Herbert Adler was born in 1905.

What has the author Kurt Herbert Adler written?

Kurt Herbert Adler has written: 'Kurt Herbert Adler and the San Francisco Opera' -- subject(s): Accessible book

When did Kurt Adler die?

Kurt Adler died on 1977-09-21.

Was Kurt-herbert adler married?

Yes, Kurt Herbert Adler was married. He was married to the violinist Anita Donath, with whom he had two children.

When was Kurt Adler born?

Kurt Adler was born on 1907-03-01.

Did Pavarotti perform at the Hollywood Bowl in 1984 or 1982?

According to the Kurt Herbert Adler papers a Pavarotti concert took place on 5th Sept 1982 at the Hollywood Bowl.

What has the author Kurt Herbert Halbach written?

Kurt Herbert Halbach has written: 'Walther von der Vogelweide'

What type of music did Kurt Adler play?

Kurt Adler was involved in classical music. He mostly did not play any music, but he conducted an orchestra that played classical music. The music he does play is on the piano.

Who were Alfred Adler's children?

Alfred Adler had three daughters, Valentine, Alexandra, and Cornelia (Nelly) and a son named Kurt.

What is the birth name of Kurt Lewenhak?

Kurt Lewenhak's birth name is Herbert Kurt Lewenhk.

When did Roar Adler die?

Roar Adler died in 2007.

When did Vincent Adler die?

Vincent Adler died in 1871.