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Werner Ackermann died on May 10, 1982, in Mbabane, Swasiland.

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Kirk von Ackermann died in 2003.

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Q: When did Kirk von Ackermann die?
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When did Rudolph Ackermann die?

Rudolph Ackermann died in 1834.

When did Christian Ackermann die?

Christian Ackermann died in 1710.

When did Theodor Ackermann die?

Theodor Ackermann died in 1896.

When did Anton Ackermann die?

Anton Ackermann died in 1973.

When did Leopold Ackermann die?

Leopold Ackermann died in 1831.

When did Wilhelm Ackermann die?

Wilhelm Ackermann died on 1962-12-24.

When did Jacob Fidelis Ackermann die?

Jacob Fidelis Ackermann died in 1815.

When did Wilhelm Heinrich Ackermann die?

Wilhelm Heinrich Ackermann died in 1848.

When did Curt Ackermann die?

Curt Ackermann died in 1988, in Munich, Germany.

When did Liliane Ackermann die?

Liliane Ackermann died on 2007-02-05.

When did Johann Adam Ackermann die?

Johann Adam Ackermann died in 1853.

When did Dorothea Ackermann die?

Dorothea Ackermann died on October 21, 1821 at the age of 69.