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Kenneth Naylor died in 1992.

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Q: When did Kenneth Naylor die?
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When was Kenneth Naylor born?

Kenneth Naylor was born in 1937.

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Yes.Gloria Naylor did die.

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Rollie Naylor died in 1966.

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Edward Naylor died in 1934.

When did Don Naylor die?

Don Naylor died in 1991.

When did Jimmy Naylor die?

Jimmy Naylor died in 1983.

When did Charles Naylor die?

Charles Naylor died in 1872.

When did Herbert Naylor-Leyland die?

Herbert Naylor-Leyland died in 1899.

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Bernie Naylor died on 1993-09-26.

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Earl Naylor died on 1990-01-16.

When did Isaac Naylor die?

Isaac Naylor died on 1885-04-16.

When did H. Naylor Fitzhugh die?

H. Naylor Fitzhugh died in 1992.