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John Wykeham Archer died in 1864.

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Q: When did John Wykeham Archer die?
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When was John Wykeham Archer born?

John Wykeham Archer was born in 1808.

When did John Penrose - archer - die?

John Penrose - archer - died in 1932.

When did John Bridges - archer - die?

John Bridges - archer - died in 1925.

When did John Stuart Archer die?

John Stuart Archer died in 2007.

When did Wenman Wykeham-Musgrave die?

Wenman Wykeham-Musgrave died in 1989.

When did Charles Wykeham Martin die?

Charles Wykeham Martin died in 1870.

When did William of Wykeham die?

William of Wykeham died on 1404-09-27.

When did Peter Wykeham die?

Peter Wykeham died on 1995-02-23.

When did Philip Wykeham Martin die?

Philip Wykeham Martin died in 1878.

When did John Lee Archer die?

John Lee Archer died on 1852-12-04.

When did John Archer Elmore die?

John Archer Elmore died on 1834-04-24.

When did John Archer - British politician - die?

John Archer - British politician - died in 1932.