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John Kinder Labatt died in 1866.

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Q: When did John Kinder Labatt die?
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When was John Kinder Labatt born?

John Kinder Labatt was born in 1803.

Who founded the Labatt company?

The Labatt Brewing Company was founded by an Irish-Canadian by the name of John Kinder Labatt. The brewing company was founded in 1847 in London, Ontario.

When did John Sackville Labatt die?

John Sackville Labatt died in 1952.

When did John Labatt die?

John Labatt died on 1915-04-27.

When did John Kinder die?

John Kinder died in 1903.

What is John Labatt's birthday?

John Labatt was born on December 11, 1838.

When was John Labatt born?

John Labatt was born on December 11, 1838.

When was John Sackville Labatt born?

John Sackville Labatt was born in 1880.

When did Leonard Labatt die?

Leonard Labatt died in 1897.

When was John Kinder born?

John Kinder was born in 1819.

Where is the John Labatt center located?

The John Labatt Centre is the former name of Budweiser Gardens, located at 99 Dundas Street, London, Ontario. It is the largest sports-entertainment venue in Southern Ontario.

When was Die Kinder der Heide created?

Die Kinder der Heide was created in 1861.