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Johann Natterer died in 1843.

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Q: When did Johann Natterer die?
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When did Johann August Natterer die?

Johann August Natterer died in 1900.

When was Johann Natterer born?

Johann Natterer was born in 1787.

When was Johann August Natterer born?

Johann August Natterer was born in 1821.

When did August Natterer die?

August Natterer died in 1933.

When was August Natterer born?

August Natterer was born in 1868.

What has the author Julius Natterer written?

Julius Natterer has written: 'Holzbau Atlas' -- subject(s): Building, Details, Wooden Building

When did Johann Hildebrand die?

Johann Hildebrand died in 1684.

When did Johann Hiltalinger die?

Johann Hiltalinger died in 1392.

When did Johann Cothmann die?

Johann Cothmann died in 1661.

When did Johann Heynlin die?

Johann Heynlin died in 1496.

When did Johann Theile die?

Johann Theile died in 1724.

When did Johann Klaj die?

Johann Klaj died in 1656.