When did James T. Igoe die?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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James T. Igoe died in 1971.

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Q: When did James T. Igoe die?
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When was James T. Igoe born?

James T. Igoe was born in 1883.

When did Bill Igoe die?

Bill Igoe died in 1993.

When did William L. Igoe die?

William L. Igoe died in 1953.

When did Michael L. Igoe die?

Michael L. Igoe died in 1967.

What is the birth name of Leona Igoe?

Leona Igoe's birth name is Leona Mary Louise Igoe.

When was Bill Igoe born?

Bill Igoe was born in 1911.

How tall is Leona Igoe?

Leona Igoe is 5' 2".

Is Sonny Igoe related to Tommy Igoe?

Sonny is Tommy's dad.

What is the Nationality of surname Igoe?

The surname Igoe has origins in Ireland and Spain.

When did James T. McDermott die?

James T. McDermott died in 1938.

When did James T. Shotwell die?

James T. Shotwell died in 1965.

When did James T. Patterson die?

James T. Patterson died in 1989.