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James Calhoun - mayor of Baltimore - died in 1816.

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Q: When did James Calhoun - mayor of Baltimore - die?
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When did James Calhoun die?

James Calhoun died in 1875.

When did James S. Calhoun die?

James S. Calhoun died in 1852.

When did William Steuart - Mayor of Baltimore - die?

William Steuart - Mayor of Baltimore - died in 1838.

When did James C. Calhoun die?

James C. Calhoun died on June 25, 1876 at the age of 30.

When did James Delaney - mayor - die?

James Delaney - mayor - died in 1970.

When did James Calhoun - soldier - die?

There is no specific information available about James Calhoun, as it is a common name. Without additional details, it is not possible to determine when a specific individual named James Calhoun, who was a soldier, died.

When did James Esdaile - lord mayor - die?

James Esdaile - lord mayor - died in 1793.

When did James Cochrane - mayor - die?

James Cochrane - mayor - died on 1905-05-28.

When did James S. Thomas - mayor - die?

James S. Thomas - mayor - died in 1874.

When did Amschel Mayor James Rothschild die?

Amschel Mayor James Rothschild died in 1996.

When did Joseph Calhoun die?

Joseph Calhoun died in 1817.

When did Eddie Calhoun die?

Eddie Calhoun died in 1993.