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Richard Branden died on December 11, 2013, in Palo Alto, California, USA.

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Jacques E. Brandenberger died in 1954.

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Edvard Brandes died in 1931.

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Q: When did Jacques E. Brandenberger die?
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When was Jacques E. Brandenberger born?

Jacques E. Brandenberger was born in 1872.

What did Jacques E Brandenberger invent?


Who invented cellophane?

Cellophane was invented by Jacques E Brandenberger around 1908.

Who invented cellophane paper?

Jacques Edwin Brandenberger

When was cellophane invented?

Cellophane was invented by Jacques E. Brandenberger in 1908. He first thought of the idea for a clear, protective, packaging layer in 1900.

When did Erich Brandenberger die?

Erich Brandenberger died on 1955-06-21.

Cellophane was invented in?

Switzerland.From 1900 to 1912 (idea to production machine) by Jacques Edwin Brandenberger.

When was Erich Brandenberger born?

Erich Brandenberger was born on 1892-07-15.

What has the author Ernst Brandenberger written?

Ernst Brandenberger has written: 'Grundriss der allgemeinen Metallkunde' -- subject(s): Metallography

What has the author Jacques E Haeringer written?

Jacques E. Haeringer has written: 'Les desserts'

When did Jacques Bacot die?

Jacques Bacot died in 1965.

When did Jacques Schwarz die?

Jacques Schwarz died in 1921.