When did Jacob Munch die?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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Jacob Munch died in 1839.

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Q: When did Jacob Munch die?
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When was Jacob Munch born?

Jacob Munch was born in 1776.

When did Peter A. Munch die?

Peter A. Munch died in 1984.

When did Andreas Munch die?

Andreas Munch died in 1884.

When did Charles Munch - conductor - die?

Charles Munch - conductor - died in 1968.

When did Ole Munch Ræder die?

Ole Munch Ræder died in 1895.

When did Peter Andreas Munch die?

Peter Andreas Munch died in 1863.

When did Johan Storm Munch die?

Johan Storm Munch died in 1832.

When did Gustaf Munch-Petersen die?

Gustaf Munch-Petersen died in 1938.

When did Jake Munch die?

Jake Munch died on 1966-06-08.

When did Peter Rochegune Munch die?

Peter Rochegune Munch died in 1948.

When did Jean-Pierre Munch die?

Jean-Pierre Munch died on 1996-10-17.

What age did Edvard Munch die?

He was 81.