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Itachi begins to go blind the moment he obtain the Mangekyo Sharingan. That's the the price to pay for using a powerful eye technique. It explained that the more you use it, the faster the process of getting blind will be.

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Q: When did Itachi get his Illness?
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Does sakue kill itachi?

yes, sasuke kills Itachi but itachi was already weak with an illness that is still unknown

Why did Itachi die?

Itachi died because of an over usage of his Mangekyo Sharingan. And of an illness. Itachi chose to die instead of killing Sasuke.

What is the illness of Itachi that cause to him in death?

Itachi Uchiha had a terminal illness known as a rare genetic disease called the Mangekyo Sharingan. This disease caused Itachi to suffer from deteriorating health and ultimately led to his death.

What was the illness that Uchiha Itachi had that Madara pointed out?

itachi's illness wasn't an illness at all, he was just nearly blind, also he gave most of his power to naruto uzumaki (the nine-tails host), or else he would have won the fight against sasuke. so he was not sick he was nearly blind and extreamly weak.

Will itachi die?

He is dead already. Killed by Sasuke. ^^ not true. Sasuke didn't kill Itachi. Itachi had an illness and was also using the sharigaun <-- (or whatever you spell it) too much. And was taking drugs so he could continue being alive

Did Itachi die from a bad disease?

--Spoiler-- Itachi had an unknown illness that weakened him. Whatever illness this was, it was worsened by his abilities to a point where he could no longer sustain life (by using Mangekyo Sharingan and Susano'o over time). Before battling Sasuke, he also had been drained from giving a power to Naruto, making him exceptionally weaker for that battle. There are many theories about the illness he had, ranging from lung cancer to Tuberculosis, and even the chance it could be some random unknown illness caused by Susano'o or from his bloodline, or even from depression. He contracted this illness at some time after killing the Uchiha Clan. Sasuke DID NOT kill him, Itachi died from using Susano'o to get to Sasuke to give him his Mangekyo Sharingan. Summoning Susano'o basically lowers your life expectancy for every use; all these factors ended up killing Itachi (as well as Sasuke fighting him, but not being able to finish him off). Itachi had planned to die fighting Sasuke as well, so it is somewhat unclear during the battle what was or wasn't already planned to happen.

Who is stronger itachi or madara?

Madara was stronger than Itachi by default. Remember that sometime near the end of his life Itachi became ill. If they ever fought, Madara would have probably won especially due to the reasons that Itachi had some kind of illness, and naturally low stamina by default. Madara is extremely strong, having survived a death blow and living this long.

What and who killed itachi?

It was Sasuke Uchiha in the naruto shipuuden series. Sasuke was fighting against itachi because itachi said he would take sasuke's sharingan eyes (itachi was going blind from the overuse of the sharingan.) but itachi never did, he wasn't serios about it, he just wanted to test sasuke's ability of facing him in battle. itachi is actually not even a bad guy, he was ORDERED to kill off his clan by the leaf village council of elders. Supposedly, the uchiha clan was going to take advantage of the leaf villagfe and caprure it as their own. itachi remained loyal to the leaf village and did what he was ordered to. but itachi never told this tio sasuke, so sasuke thought itachi did it just to test his own strength, and wanted to avenge him. itachi did not kill sasuke becaujse he really loved his little brother, and sasuke never knew that the whole time, even when he turned 15 and killed itachi, itachi still loved his little brother. sad story really... Itachi dies by an internal illness and the defects of overuse of the Mangekyou Sharingan.

You love itachi?

I love Itachi.

Itachi die in?

Itachi is dead.

Who would win in a fight between Itachi and Orochimaru?

Itachi would win no dubt because he is an uchiha he posses ms and besides he said to orochimaru any technik you use will have no effect before my eyes and then oro flee from akatsuki because of itachi imense power and then oro said that niw itachi is stronger than me and at the end when itachi die by sasuke s hand before this itachi kills orocimaru with susanoo

Did itatchi die from use of chakra or from Sasuke?

Itachi died from a combination of chakra overuse and an illness he had beforehand that he kept at bay with medicine and until sasuke could find and defeat him