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Henry Halcro Johnston died on 1939-10-18.

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Q: When did Henry Halcro Johnston die?
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When was Henry Halcro Johnston born?

Henry Halcro Johnston was born on 1856-09-13.

What has the author Henry Sloane Halcro Wardlaw written?

Henry Sloane Halcro Wardlaw has written: 'Some aspects of the adaptation of living organisms to their environment' -- subject(s): Adaptation (Biology)

When did William Henry Johnston die?

William Henry Johnston died on 1915-06-08.

When did Henry S. Johnston die?

Henry S. Johnston died on 1965-01-07.

When was Andrew Halcro born?

Andrew Halcro was born on 1964-09-20.

When was Thomas Henry Johnston born?

Thomas Henry Johnston was born in 1880.

When was William Henry Johnston born?

William Henry Johnston was born on 1879-12-21.

When was Henry S. Johnston born?

Henry S. Johnston was born on 1867-12-30.

What has the author Henry S Johnston written?

Henry S. Johnston has written: 'The Thousand islands of the St. Lawrence river'

What has the author Henry A Johnston written?

Henry A. Johnston has written: 'Irish justice exhibited in three specimens of the procedure of the Irish Land Commission'

Patrick Henry's sister's name is?

"Patrick Henry's sister was the grandmother of Confederate General Joseph E. Johnston, and the great-grandmother of John Warfield Johnston (a nephew of General Johnston). " I think I read that her name was Elizabeth Hope this helps!

When did Thomas A. Johnston die?

Thomas A. Johnston died in 1934.