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Hector Berlioz died at home, in Paris, on the 8th March, 1869, possibly from a heart attack.

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june 11 1906


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Hector-Louis Langevin died in 1906.

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Q: When did Hector Louis Langevin die?
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When was Hector-Louis Langevin born?

Hector-Louis Langevin was born in 1826.

Did Sir Hector- Louis Langevin have a wife?

Yes, Sir Hector-Louis Langevin was married to Marie-Julie Lacoste. They had six children together.

Sir Hector Louis Langevin's role in confederation?

he was a father of confederation like the others

When did Louis-Hector de Callières die?

Louis-Hector de Callières died in 1705.

When did Louis-Hector de Callière die?

Louis-Hector de Callière died on 1703-05-26.

When did Louis Hector die?

Louis Hector died in October 1968, in New York City, New York, USA.

When did Jean Langevin die?

Jean Langevin died on 1892-01-26.

When did Edmond Langevin die?

Edmond Langevin died on 1889-06-02.

When did Adélard Langevin die?

Adélard Langevin died on 1915-06-15.

When did Claude-Louis-Hector de Villars die?

Claude-Louis-Hector de Villars died on June 17, 1734 at the age of 81.

When did Paul Langevin die?

Paul Langevin died on December 19, 1946 at the age of 74.

When was Louis-Hector de Callières born?

Louis-Hector de Callières was born in 1646.