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The books do not exactly say when Harry and Ginny have their children.

Their first child (James Potter II) was born sometime between 1999 and 2004. James was seen going to Hogwarts in 2017 with his brother Albus, who was just starting his first year. James started at Hogwarts earlier, though it is not known what year he was in by 2017. Contemporaries at school include his cousins Victoire and Rose, as well as Draco Malfoy's son Scorpius, though they are in different years.

Their second child (Albus Severus Potter) was born between 1 September 2005 and 31 August 2006.

Their third child (Lily Luna Potter) was born between 1 September 2007 and 31 August 2008. Lily is two or three years younger than Albus, who is at least a year younger than James.

For perspective, note that the final Battle at Hogwarts (in which Voldemort died) took place on May 2, 1998.

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Ron's(and also Hermione's) children, Rose and Hugo Weasley are mentioned in the epilogue. In the epilogue, Rose boards the train along with her cousins, James and Albus Potter(Harry and Ginny's children). Although, Hugo and Lily(also Harry and Ginny's child) are kept back until a bit later. This is all that has been written by J.K. Rowling for the time being.

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There is not an exact date for any of them, however they have been narrowed down as much as possible. More information will not be known until J.K Rowling reveals information or her Harry Potter encyclopedia is released.

James Potter's exact birth date is unknown as they only information we are provided with in the epilogue is that he has already attended one year at Hogwarts - at the very least. J.K Rowling has stated that Ginny Weasley played Qudditch for a few years, meaning at least three, before stopping to raise her family. This means James could have been born anytime between 2002 and 2005.

Albus Potter started Hogwarts in 2017 for the first time so we know he was born between September 1st 2005 and 31st August 2006.

Lily Potter has to wait two more years before she can go to Hogwarts in 2017 so she was born between 1st September 2007 and 31st August 2008.

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James Potter (oldest of Harry's sons) is in his second year, and Albus Severus Potter (middle child) is starting his first year, and Lilly Potter, like Hugo, Ron and Hermione's son, Has two years left until they can go to Hogwarts and Rose (Rons oldest child) starts with Albus. So now you know.


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In the "Deathly Hallows" epilogue, which occurs nineteen years after the Battle of Hogwarts.

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Q: When did Harry Potter and Ron Weasley's children go to hogwarts?
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