When did Harry Packer die?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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Harry Packer died on 1945-05-25.

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Q: When did Harry Packer die?
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When was Harry Packer Mansion created?

Harry Packer Mansion was created in 1874.

When was Harry Packer born?

Harry Packer was born on 1868-09-03.

What has the author Harry Q Packer written?

Harry Q. Packer has written: 'Merchandise information for successful selling' -- subject(s): Commercial products, Selling

When did Clyde Packer die?

Clyde Packer died in 2001.

When did Robert Packer die?

Robert Packer died in 1682.

When did Philip Packer die?

Philip Packer died in 1686.

When did Ruth Packer die?

Ruth Packer died in 2005.

When did Asa Packer die?

Asa Packer died in 1879.

When did William F. Packer die?

William F. Packer died in 1870.

When did Robert Clyde Packer die?

Robert Clyde Packer died in 1934.

When did Horace Billings Packer die?

Horace Billings Packer died in 1940.

When did Earl L. Packer die?

Earl L. Packer died in 1993.