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Harry Kent - architect - died in 1938.

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Q: When did Harry Kent - architect - die?
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When was Harry Kent - architect - born?

Harry Kent - architect - was born in 1852.

When did Harry Little - architect - die?

Harry Little - architect - died in 1944.

When did Harry Howard - landscape architect - die?

Harry Howard - landscape architect - died in 2000.

When did Harry Kent - footballer - die?

Harry Kent - footballer - died on 1948-12-22.

When was Harry Howard - landscape architect - born?

Harry Howard - landscape architect - was born in 1930.

When was Harry Kent - footballer - born?

Harry Kent - footballer - was born on 1879-10-22.

When was the baby carriage invented?

in 1733 by William Kent, an English Architect

What has the author Harry Christison Kent written?

Harry Christison Kent has written: 'Colorado geology' -- subject(s): Geology

What has the author Harry Kent Allison written?

Harry Kent Allison has written: 'MBO, a personality-based contingency approach'

What is the name of the architect who introduced the palladian style in England?

William Kent started practicing as an architect relatively late, in the 1730s.[5] He is better remembered as an architect of the revived Palladian style in England

Who invented the pram?

The first pram was invented by William Kent in 1733. He designed it for the children of the third Duke of Devonshire. Kent was a landscape architect by trade.

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hes 34