When did Harold Amos die?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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Harold Amos died in 2003.

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Q: When did Harold Amos die?
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When was Harold Amos born?

Harold Amos was born in 1918.

What did Harold Amos invent?


What has the author Dewey Harold Amos written?

Dewey Harold Amos has written: 'Geologic map of the Blackford quadrangle, western Kentucky' -- subject(s): Geology, Maps

When did Walter Amos die?

Walter Amos died in 1967.

When did Amos Stoddard die?

Amos Stoddard died in 1813.

When did Amos Morrill die?

Amos Morrill died in 1884.

When did Amos Steck die?

Amos Steck died in 1908.

When did Amos Doolittle die?

Amos Doolittle died in 1832.

When did Amos Adams die?

Amos Adams died in 1775.

When did Amos Botsford die?

Amos Botsford died in 1812.

When did Amos Root die?

Amos Root died in 1923.

When did Amos Moss die?

Amos Moss died in 2004.