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Sir Edward Poynter died on July 26, 1919 at the age of 83.

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Guy Kingsley Poynter died in 1983, in London, England, UK.

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Q: When did Guy Kingsley Poynter die?
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When was Guy Kingsley Poynter born?

Guy Kingsley Poynter was born on September 3, 1915, in Great Neck, New York, USA.

When did William Poynter die?

William Poynter died in 1827.

When did Nelson Poynter die?

Nelson Poynter died in 1978.

When did Edward Poynter die?

Edward Poynter died in 1919.

When did Chas Poynter die?

Chas Poynter died in 2007.

When did Ambrose Poynter die?

Ambrose Poynter died in 1886.

When did William A. Poynter die?

William A. Poynter died in 1909.

When did Ambrose Macdonald Poynter die?

Ambrose Macdonald Poynter died in 1923.

When did James I. Poynter die?

James I. Poynter died on 1950-11-04.

When did James Kingsley die?

James Kingsley died in 1878.

When did Kingsley Martin die?

Kingsley Martin died in 1969.

When did Kingsley Sambo die?

Kingsley Sambo died in 1977.