When did Grant Stauffer die?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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Grant Stauffer died on 1949-03-31.

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Q: When did Grant Stauffer die?
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When was Grant Stauffer born?

Grant Stauffer was born in 1888.

When did Ethelbert Stauffer die?

Ethelbert Stauffer died in 1979.

When did Henry Stauffer die?

Henry Stauffer died in 1777.

When did Joseph Stauffer die?

Joseph Stauffer died in 1917.

When did Karl Stauffer-Bern die?

Karl Stauffer-Bern died in 1891.

When did Nathan Stauffer die?

Nathan Stauffer died on 1959-06-06.

When did S. Walter Stauffer die?

S. Walter Stauffer died in 1975.

When did Ed Stauffer die?

Ed Stauffer died on 1979-07-02.

When did Rudolph Stauffer die?

Rudolph Stauffer died on 1918-06-09.

When did Walter Stauffer McIlhenny die?

Walter Stauffer McIlhenny died on 1985-06-22.

When did Teddy Stauffer die?

Teddy Stauffer died on August 27, 1991, in Acapulco, Guerrero, Mexico.

When and where did baseball player Ed Stauffer die?

Ed Stauffer died July 2, 1979, in St. Petersburg, FL, USA.