When did Gordon Cleaver die?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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Gordon Cleaver died in 1994.

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Q: When did Gordon Cleaver die?
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When did Solomon Cleaver die?

Solomon Cleaver died in 1939.

When did Euseby Cleaver die?

Euseby Cleaver died in 1818.

When did William Cleaver die?

William Cleaver died in 1815.

When did Robert Cleaver die?

Robert Cleaver died in 1942.

When did Zelda Cleaver die?

Zelda Cleaver died on May 22, 1990.

When did Hughes Cleaver die?

Hughes Cleaver died on 1980-10-31.

When did Elizabeth Mrazik-Cleaver die?

Elizabeth Mrazik-Cleaver died in 1985.

When did Billy Cleaver die?

Billy Cleaver died on 2003-09-29.

When did Cleaver Bunton die?

Cleaver Bunton died on 1999-01-20.

When did William Cleaver Wilkinson die?

William Cleaver Wilkinson died in 1920.

When did Eldridge Cleaver die?

Eldridge Cleaver died on May 1, 1998 at the age of 62.

When did William Cleaver Francis Robinson die?

William Cleaver Francis Robinson died on 1897-05-02.