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Glennon Engleman died in 1999.

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Q: When did Glennon Engleman die?
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When was Glennon Engleman born?

Glennon Engleman was born in 1928.

When did Howard Engleman die?

Howard Engleman died on 2011-01-12.

When did Pat Glennon die?

Pat Glennon died in 2004.

When did John Edward Glennon die?

John Edward Glennon died in 2007.

When did Glennon Patrick Flavin die?

Glennon Patrick Flavin died in 1995.

When did James H. Glennon die?

James H. Glennon died on 1940-05-29.

When did John J. Glennon die?

John J. Glennon died on 1946-03-09.

When did Bert Glennon die?

Bert Glennon died on June 29, 1967, in Sherman Oaks, California, USA.

When was Howard Engleman born?

Howard Engleman was born on 1919-11-20.

What is the birth name of Bert Glennon?

Bert Glennon's birth name is Robert Lawrence Glennon.

What is the birth name of James Glennon?

James Glennon's birth name is James Michael Glennon.

When did James Glennon die?

James Glennon died on October 19, 2006 at the age of 64.